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Moenia is an ephemeral light installation placed in Pati Llimona, in the old town of Barcelona. An accelerated, contractible, and contemplative construction that ran during three days for LlumBCN 2016 light festival.

In this project, the wall is hatched with horizontal lights in order to emphasize stones’ features. These light beams give dynamism. The proposal honours the concept of a fabric with its structure, because vertical cables and horizontal lights remain us of a loom weave. About the rhythm of such light elements, not only do they create more space life, but they also show the different stratum of this wall’s history.


Moenia is also a piece of architecture that aims to illuminate the memory of the past, scan what is happening in the present and weave the construction of tomorrow. 

Design: Juan Ezcurra, Marta Fernández, Gemma Galceran, Jianan Ju, Aina Machado, Guillem Marquès, Clara Navarro, Oriol Roig, Marta Vidal, in collaboration with Jorge Errando, José Maria Riesco

Light Programme: Jordi Abarca

Sound: Roman Daniel

Production consultant: Josep Novell

Coordinator: Raffaella Perrone

Partner company: LEDsCONTROL S.L.

With thanks to: Ferran Utzet, Alex Bordanova


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